Double 11 about Hui Kelansu card friends carnival open grab

Double 11 shock struck, shipped full - authorized service stores in the full-approaching of the official application of the APP! Jiangsu, Shanghai 500 authorized stores to prepare for the double-van 11, to provide a full delivery owner free delivery!
Keukan double 11 open grab Double 11 about Hui Kelan

As the first shipment of the full-Kenyasu cooperation project, transporting full-Kansin-authorized service shops on the ground progressed very quickly. In just two weeks, a total of 500 stores in Jiangsu and Shanghai have joined the cooperation project outlets to participate in the double 11 online carnival.

With the full-shipping and freight e-commerce platform, the company can provide effective online drainage services for terminals and retail channels, increase the flow of people entering the stores, and increase the core competition in the market among partners such as the distributors of the Kossells and the contracted stores of the Kossells. Force to promote product sales.

Double eleven about Hui Kelan Double 11 is the first joint big promotion event for cooperation with Kosovo

The double 11 is the first joint promotion activity for the full-scale strategic cooperation with Kosovo, and it is the first “double 11” event in the field of commercial vehicles.

On November 9th, 2016, the Carnival of Manchu Friends was officially launched. The surprise 1 yuan spike, buy-one-get-one-get-one-value promotion, and free standing allowance are waiting for you to grab!

At the same time, the shipment is full of subsidies for huge amounts of money, together with the launch of a fully-customized urea product, and a face-lift of over 5 million vehicle owners will surely set off a revolution in the urea market!

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