Classification of Oilfield Instrument Vehicles

The oil field instrument truck is a relatively broad concept. As its name suggests, it is mainly used for oil field drilling operations. It includes a wide variety of special vehicles for oilfield mining. The exploitation of oil fields requires the use of many special instrumentation devices, such as well test vehicles, cementing vehicles, fracturing vehicles, and touch probe vehicles, all of which belong to the category of oilfield instrument vehicles.


Specifically, the oil field instrument truck has the following points. The first type of logging: logging instrument vehicles, logging winches, electric measuring instrument vehicles, Electric Winch, CNC logging instrument vehicles, radioactivity logging vehicle perforation instrument vehicles. The second category of cementing projects: cement trucks, cementing trucks for cementing, cementing trucks for cementing, compound mixing trucks, cementing pump trucks, cementing trucks, additive trucks, cement adhesives, comprehensive evaluation and measurement instrumentation, etc. . The third category of drilling engineering: test vehicles, midway test vehicles, direct-read test vehicles, borehole test vehicles, oblique winches, former trucks, thermal test vehicles, etc. The fourth category of underground operations: wells, combined locomotives, well-washing vehicles, derrick trucks, ground sighting vehicles, digging pit vertical pole vehicles, continuous tubing operations vehicles, continuous rod operating vehicles. The fifth type of fracturing and acidizing: fracturing trucks, blender trucks, fracturing sand tankers, fracturing fluid preparation vehicles, acidizing vehicles, tanker trucks, acid distribution vehicles, and liquid chlorine pump trucks; Type VI oil and gas side by side liquids: Acid-laden cars, gas lift cars, drainage vehicles, fishing cars, etc.; seventh type of oil and gas well waxes: steam wax car chemical wax cleaners, mechanical wax cleaners, electric wax cleaners, etc.; eighth oil field test Wells, test equipment vehicles, test derricks, cable test vehicles, steel rope test vehicles; ninth oil field testing and diagnostics, casing testing equipment vehicles, tube analysis instrument vehicles, electromagnetic thickness measuring instrument vehicles; Well logging test, oil field test vehicle, production test vehicle water shut-off truck, profile control car distribution product injection car, annulus test vehicle, production parameter test vehicle, etc.

After the breakdown, what are the domestic well-known oilfield instrument vehicle manufacturers? The famous Huayou brand, the camel brand, the Zhongji brand, the gem brand, the Lanzhou brand, the Huashi brand, etc., among which the shalu, Huashi, and gemstones are well-known for many oil field instrument vehicles, such as the camel brand. WTC5083 WTC5220XYQ, 5040XYQ oil field instrument Chehwa Shipai. ES5100TYQ, ES5090TYQ test equipment vehicle. Jewel brand EQ6682KSD3G1 test equipment vehicles.

There are days in China where the level of auto production is mixed. Due to the relatively late development of China's industrial technology level, especially in the field of oil exploration, it is several decades behind Western Europe, Japan, and other developed countries, and the development technology is not mature enough. The multi-core advanced technology is still introducing foreign technology, which increases the cost of China's oil exploration. The production of domestic oilfield instrument vehicles is also in a situation where several well-known big names almost monopolize the market. How to get rid of the status quo requires us to work together and think together.

High Pressure Washer is a machine that rushes a surface by using a power plant to generate high-pressure water from a high-pressure piston pump. It can peel off the dirt and wash it away to clean the surface. Because it uses high-pressure water column to clean dirt, high-pressure cleaning is also recognized as one of the most scientific, economic and environmentally friendly cleaning methods in the world.

Can be divided into cold water high pressure cleaner, Hot Water High Pressure Cleaner, motor driven high pressure cleaner, gasoline engine driven high pressure cleaner. The difference between the two is that the hot water washer adds a heating device to heat the water using a combustion cylinder or an electric heating device. However, hot water washing machines are expensive and costly to operate (because diesel or electricity is used to heat water), but many professional customers will choose hot water washing machines.

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