How to choose a driving recorder

Driving recorder is not unfamiliar to the majority of car owners. It can record the entire driving process of the car owner in the form of video, thus helping the car owner to travel safely and clearly identify the car accident. In short, after having a driving recorder, it is no longer afraid of a car accident. After it is a 24-hour monitor, it can restore the most real situation. Any misjudgment or judgment cannot escape his eyes. So it is a necessary artifact.


Driving recorders have now become the new darling of the majority of car owners. It can be said that as long as people have cars, they will be equipped with one. However, the driving recorders on the market are not the same. They have uneven quality and there are also many unscrupulous merchants who have used them. If you purchase a bad driving recorder, the images you take may be too large, distorted, and distorted. Deformation, thus affecting the judgment of the car accident, is worth the candle. The purchase of driving recorders is a question from a university. In the end, how to buy? The following Xiao Bian gives you a hint or two.

The first choice is to first observe the wide-angle size of the driving recorder, and try to select the wide-angle small one. In this way, not only the blind area will be reduced, but the recorded screen will be more clear. Secondly, it is necessary to observe the lens of the driving recorder and choose the glass lens as much as possible so as to improve the light transmission performance of the lens and easily record all driving processes of the owner at night. Of course, other materials are not necessarily bad on the driving recorder, but the glass material is more adaptable to the environment. Finally, before the purchase, you need to experience something. The driving recorder that controls the purchase will interfere with the signal, which will result in safety hazards that are not worth the candle.

I don't know if the car owners have gotten new skills after reading the introduction of Xiaobian. Do you master the selection techniques of the driving recorder? Driving recorder is very important for car owners. Most car owners can never be sloppy, so be sure to choose a suitable, high-quality, small blind area with clear images.

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