The highest domestic - Optimus 101

Fire engines refer to special vehicles used for fire emergency tasks. Modern fire engines are equipped daily with steel ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, rescue tools, and first-aid tools. Some fire engines also have fire engines. It will be equipped with large-scale fire-fighting equipment such as water tanks, water pumps, and foam fire extinguishing devices. The types of fire trucks are also varied. How high is the fire truck?


Let's take a look at the most representative fire engines in cities in China. The highest fire truck in Shenzhen is 101 meters high and worth 24 million yuan. The most important feature of this luxury car is that it can be raised very high and high. Only when there is a high-level fire and the conditions are suitable, it will be dispatched. It is supplied by a special water supply fire truck. The water gun on the ladder can be sprayed to a height of nearly 200 meters. This is not yet the world's highest fire truck. When it was purchased, there was a 110-meter-high fire engine with a value of 30 million. Shijiazhuang City also introduced this 101-meter fire truck. The Optimus 101 is called the Optimus Fire-fighting platform ladder truck. It is produced in Finland. It has a total length of 17.1 meters, a weight of 62 tons, a crank arm structure, and a maximum water spray. With a capacity of 3,800 L/min and a maximum working height of 101 meters, it can reach a height of 30 stories and it also has a maximum reach of 28 meters. The curved arm of this car is 99 meters in length, the operable height is 101 meters, and the rescue platform can carry 400 kilograms of load. The lift is as stable as in the stationary state. Its greatest feature is its high work height and good safety performance. German high-toughness steel is used as the crank arm material. When a fault occurs at a point in the car at the highest point, there are 3 different emergency recovery systems to ensure personnel safety. Effectively and quickly extinguish high-level sources of fire. Beijing also introduced two 101-meter fire trucks. According to statistics, there are about 15 such fire trucks. The "Arms" of "Sky Sky 101" is composed of a big arm, a small arm, and a working bucket arm. As the "arms" of each section slowly stretch out, they rise to high altitude without apparent shaking or swinging. Such a high fire truck is not every firefighter capable of operating. It needs to be selected from among the elite drivers. The Sky 101 is not something that the average person can manage.

The height of a fire truck is generally about 30 meters, and 70 meters is considered high. This Optimus 101 is the highest in China at present, and it is generally not mobilized. It only appears when it meets high-rise disasters and certain conditions that suit it. It is mainly used for the fire fighting and rescue of buildings with a height of 69-101 meters. It is the representative of the highest level of fire fighting technology and fire fighting capability in China. The Sky 101 is not only tall but also huge in size. Its arms stretch all the way up to 99 meters, with a width of 8 meters and a weight of 62 tons.

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