90% of Automotive "Photocatalysts" Is a Call for Standards by Counterfeit Industry

90% of automotive “photocatalysts” are counterfeits. Industry calls for standards The air quality in the car is related to our physical health. The industry generally calls for the introduction of the “In-Vehicle Air Quality Standard” as soon as possible to regulate the market.

Car pollution tracking reports that many car owners have done nearly a thousand yuan worth of "photocatalysts" and found almost no effect. They were greatly influenced by the "flicker." Last month, the newspaper car world once made "the old car more air quality in the car." The more stinky? The special report on the "source of poison gas" was revealed, which has aroused widespread concern among readers. Recently, industry sources have told reporters that the main product “photocatalyst” used in the car “deodorant detoxification” has become almost synonymous with counterfeit goods. At the same time, they called for the industry to work out a "car air quality standard" as soon as possible to give car owners a healthy car environment. Feature / Deng Litu / Xinhua News Agency?

There are only "formaldehyde elimination agents"

Contaminants in the car, which we often call "flavors", usually remain for 3 to 12 years. The time that we use a car usually takes more than 3 years. That is to say, these unpleasant “toxic gases” will accompany our car's “lifetime” and pose a threat to our physical health.

How to effectively eliminate detoxification? Photocatalyst is a very popular product in the vehicle for deodorization and detoxification. The auto 4S shop will recommend a new car as a photocatalyst package to deodorize. However, due to mixed products, prices are different, so "photocatalyst" has almost become synonymous with fake goods, and many owners have done nearly a thousand dollars worth of "photocatalyst" and found that the effect is almost no, a great sense of being "Fudge."

The reporter learned from the market that currently there are few products for the control of air pollution in cars, and the “photocatalyst” is the most familiar to the owners. “The volatilization period of pollutants in general vehicles or indoor is from 3 to 12 years. In addition to formaldehyde, there are other harmful substances such as benzene. Many photocatalysts on the market can only be regarded as 'formaldehyde eliminating agents' and cannot effectively remove the inside of vehicles. 90% of the pollutants are fakes!” Recently, Luo Yanting, chief operating officer of Guangzhou Sunlight Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the general agent of Nikko Industries, Ltd., told reporters that because Photocatalyst is the best material for internationally recognized environmental governance, all air control products are The name of the photocatalyst.

Photocatalyst know more D

Photocatalyst is a kind of nanometer metal oxide material (titanium dioxide is more commonly used), it is coated on the surface of the substrate, under the effect of light, has a strong catalytic degradation function: can effectively degrade the toxic and harmful gases in the air; can effectively kill It can destroy many kinds of bacteria, and can decompose and harmlessly treat toxins released by bacteria or fungi; it also has functions such as deodorization and anti-fouling. At present, households, airplanes, subways and other sealed spaces are widely used for deodorization and detoxification.

Long-term effective photocatalyst products: a car to more than 3,000 yuan more than the value of nearly one thousand yuan products can only maintain the effect of one or six months most of the photocatalyst products in the promotion, are known to be able to "eradicate" the car taste. Actually, there are still many application technology bottlenecks in the application of photocatalysts, and the photocatalysts also have “lifetime” effects. For example, photocatalysts can decompose organic volatiles and organics, making the application of many primary photocatalyst products an obstacle, and cannot be used in indoor areas. maximize. How the photocatalyst adheres firmly to the substrate in the absence of adhesives is the key to the photocatalytic effect or lifetime. Photocatalysts can only work under ultraviolet light, and cannot be decomposed by ordinary light or rainy weather. As the above problems are widespread, most of the fakes use chemical agents to photocatalyst treatment, resulting in the phenomenon that only the previous treatment and no post-treatment, pollution after treatment and the phenomenon of exceeding the standard, the actual surface treatment only, but can not be late volatile Re-govern.

Ordinary photocatalyst products - we are talking about real photocatalyst products. It usually takes a few times and it cannot be eradicated once. "An industry source told reporters: Really effective photocatalyst products are expensive. For example, NIKKOCOAT's air purification products, which are widely used in Japanese aircraft, high-speed trains or buses, can be exempted from anti-virus sterilization for 5 years." However, the fee per square meter will cost more than 1,000 yuan. If you charge for one car, it will cost more than 3,000 yuan. Not everyone can afford it.

Master Chen, who is responsible for after-sales service in Guangben First Store, pointed out: “A good photocatalyst product will last for several years. But now, some of the so-called products in the market that are almost a thousand dollars or so are mostly maintained for one or six months or even not. effect."

Call for air quality in the car: No matter whether "the domestic indoor air standard is much lower than those in Europe, America and Japan. For example, in Japan, the standard for indoor formaldehyde content is 0.01% per cubic meter, and China is 0.1%!" Luo Yaoting called for national The department should regulate the market. The reporter was informed that the general environmental protection department has only regulations on vehicle emissions, but the indoor and vehicle air quality is not within its jurisdiction. As the "car air quality standards" has not been introduced, it is only possible to borrow the "Indoor Air Quality Standard." However, the National Indoor Air Quality Standard is not a mandatory standard. The indoor air quality is managed by the construction department, but it is only after the construction of the land environment and the building is completed. As a result, the pollution caused by the renovation becomes no department. The state of management.

Four-step assessment of whether the car is poisonous?

The reporter learned from the Antimicrobial Material Testing Center of the Institute of Physics and Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences that many private practices are amateurish for the testing of pollutants in vehicles. To really test whether a car's poison exceeds the standard, you must complete at least the following steps.

1. Close the window door and put the vehicle on for 24 hours so that the air inside cannot be circulated.

2. During the test, a slit was opened in the window, the test tube was inserted into the car, and the gap was sealed with a sealing material.

3. Keep the vehicle closed for another 3 hours and then take a test sample.

4. It takes about one hour for the test to take a sample, and the harmful substances in the closed car are sucked through the test tube.

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