Tongling Huaxing 20,000 tons of sulphate project test successfully

Recently, Tongling Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd. invested a total of 74.478 million yuan to build a successful 20,000 tons/year sulfate project. Up to now, the project has successfully produced six kinds of qualified and refined products.

The project started construction in September 2010. During the construction period, the company formulated and improved the project management system, standardized work processes and control measures such as project approval, tendering, cost, construction, acceptance, etc., to strengthen the hidden projects. Supervision, to track the entire process, check in a timely manner, identify problems, report in a timely manner, improve in time, and effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of quality in the bud.

In the equipment installation and process piping, Tongling Huaxing optimizes the technological process and focuses on the introduction, digestion, and absorption of new technologies, new equipment, and new processes. At the same time, we will carry out independent integration and innovation, constantly optimize and improve the overall technological level of the device, strictly control the quality, and ensure that the equipment installation and process piping are completed on time, by quality, and in volume.

In the construction of the project, Tongling Huaxing strengthened the project fund management work, increased transparency, and resolutely eliminated obscure operations, ensuring the smooth completion of the project and producing six kinds of qualified and refined products.

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