Four tips for designing optical shop door

Four tips for designing the optical shop door. Sunshine Sight decoration group (13253646653) professional optical shop decoration design company, optical shop door design, glasses showcase custom manufacturers. In the past 16 years, she has been focusing on the decoration design of optical shops and the design of glasses showcases. Unique glasses door design allows customers to look back thousands of times, leaving a deep impression on the people. Always adhere to the core values ​​of “customer first, honest and trustworthy, teamwork, and innovation”, pursue continuous innovation in design, pursue excellence in quality, pursue perfection in service, and allow more optical shops to pass our renovations. Realize profit double!
In this face-seeing society, a beautiful face will always make people want to get closer and know more about it. For an optical shop, the store is like a human face. Can it be left in the yi time? Impression depends on the store decoration! However, in the entire store decoration, the door is the crowning touch! In the street, we can see a variety of doors, some publicity, some mature and stable, some bright colors, some dark colors, some simple and generous, some complex and changeable ..... But no matter what, the door-head design shows customers the characteristics of their store, but also shows people's different aesthetic tastes, thoughts and feelings and different cities and different regions of culture and customs.
Here's a look at how to complete the door design of a good optical shop along with Sun Line Xiaobian. What other skills are worth learning is that we hope that today's presentation will help you.
1, to have a strong professional knowledge: storefront door design requires a strong professional knowledge, not only the design, as well as cultural aspects. In the design of store front door, we must take the customer's convenience as the starting point to do the design. Note that the design should not be too cumbersome. It should be clean and concise while having its own characteristics.
2, have a unique theme: we must establish a theme based on the characteristics of the goods, and form a set of techniques around this theme to create a different kind of artistic conception, so as to leave deep feelings and memories for consumers.
3. The form and style of the façade facade and the surrounding buildings should be basically unified: the relationship between the wall division and the building's volume, proportion and inside scale is more appropriate. The combination of various decorative elements should be highlighted. The masters and followers are clear, and the contrast changes rhythmically and rhythmically.
4, color processing: the color of the store door design of the door to play a very important role. Should make full use of color contrast and harmony, in order to achieve the strengthening of the artistic characteristics of modeling, enrich the effect of modeling, and create a more ideal visual charm.
Under normal circumstances, the store's color tone is appropriate for high-brightness and warm colors. The prominent parts or key parts of the storefront door design can be matched with the characteristics of its features and reflect the needs of the decorative atmosphere of commercial buildings, with corresponding contrasting colors. In order to highlight the store's identity, the store's cards, logos, and sign lights can also be used in high-purity, vibrant colors to give people an eye-catching display.
Sun line of sight is market-oriented, focusing on actual sales demand for optical glasses, incorporating the most advanced design concepts at home and abroad into glasses decoration, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective, high value-added caring services. 16 years of precipitation and progress, adhere to the 360-degree service glasses industry, insist on not using inferior materials, and never neglect any link in the product quality chain. With excellent brand quality, Sunlight has become a strategic partner of many well-known eyewear chain companies such as Baodao, Jinggong, Wuliangcai, Baoshida, Waves, Northwest Eyewear, etc., providing professional services to more than 14,000 optical shop customers nationwide. Store space decoration service.

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