How to measure the length of rice? Rice judger to help

The rice quality we often refer to usually refers to the milling quality, appearance quality, cooking taste quality and nutritional quality of rice. Among them, the appearance quality of rice is an important feature of high-quality rice breeding, and it is also an important basis for determining the price of rice. One of them, therefore, as a special instrument for rice appearance quality analysis, rice quality judger is widely used in the detection of modern rice quality.

Quality judger

Rice quality determiner can be mainly used to determine the rate of whole polished rice, chalky grain rate, chalkiness and yellow grain, etc. The detection method is mainly through collecting rice images, and then through computer professional software for image processing, and then draws Different parameters of rice, such as color, appearance size (major axis, aspect ratio, area, perimeter), defect status detection, etc., and through these parameter indicators can quickly calculate the rice milling rate, chalky grain , chalkiness, grain type, imperfect grains, yellow grains, etc., and then judge the quality of rice, determine the transaction price of rice and so on.

Rice quality determination meter An important part of rice measurement is to measure the apparent size of rice, such as the length of rice grains. Before rice quality judger is used, the length of rice grains must be determined and a vernier caliper is required to complete it. However, we know that the volume of rice is very small, and the use of vernier calipers to determine the length of rice is actually very difficult to operate, very inconvenient, and sometimes very easy to produce artificial errors, affecting the accuracy of the measurement results . Now, using a rice judger to make measurements is very simple and convenient. Only after taking an image and then performing intelligent analysis, you can quickly get the length of the rice, which reduces the workload of the operator. Improve work efficiency and work effectiveness, so from the perspective of practicality, rice quality judgement instrument is very worthy of promotion and application to rice quality inspection work.

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