From the Steyr technical director to the Deputy General Manager of CNHTC Import and Export Company - A foreign expert on heavy-duty truck plots

From 1993 to 2011, from the Steyr technical director to the deputy general manager of Sinotrans Import and Export Corporation, a foreigner has always been accompanied by the growth of CNHTC for 18 years and witnessed its magnificent transformation. He is “ Foreign Expert of the 2011 Spring City Friendship Award - Austrian Franz Nürringer.

After the founding of New China, in order to solve the status quo of heavy vehicles with no more than 8 tons of weight in the automotive industry, in 1983, the Steyr project feasibility study report of the China Heavy Truck Industry Association (formerly CNHTC) was approved by the State. In the same year, Steyr-Daimler-Puch Corporation (SDP) signed a contract for the transfer of Steyr heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing technology. From then on, China National Heavy Duty Truck broke the single production pattern of the previous product and launched it in an all-round way. The process transformation and equipment upgrades have played a key role in the development of the heavy truck industry in China.

Steyr Heavy Duty Truck

Received Tyre - Daimler-Puch AG Brings Steyr Technology to China

In 1993, Franz Neulinger was appointed by the then Austrian Steyr Company to enter the gate of China National Heavy Duty Truck. As the head of the cooperation project.

How to make Steyr's technology take root in China's land and adapt to the Chinese market to become a problem that Franz Nulin needs to solve. In order to solve the problem, he put more attention on the speed of helping China National Heavy Duty Truck digest advanced manufacturing technology. At the time, there were many bottlenecks in quality control, logistics system perfection, and cost control at the time. Therefore, he devoted more energy to communication and training with technicians and marketing personnel. Due to differences in national conditions, regions, and cultures, Chinese technical personnel cannot accurately translate Chinese vocabulary in foreign technical documents into Chinese, thus impeding product design and production. So Franz Nüringer personally collected pictures and videos and taught theories and experiences with his hands. Sometimes, in order to allow a technology to be applied comprehensively and thoroughly in the Chinese market, he worked with the staff to work overtime to discuss solutions until an effective way was found. Those who work with Franz Nüringer will have this feeling that he seems to have energy that can never be used up. Steyr technology that has enabled China National Heavy Duty Truck to gradually develop its own characteristics has become the most important part of his life.

In April 2005, the State Acceptance Team formed by the former Ministry of Machinery Industry, the State Planning Commission, the Ministry of Economics and Trade and other ministries and commissions carried out state acceptance of the Steyr project and fully affirmed the achievements of the project. Since then, Sinotruk's products have diversified and also rewritten the history of China's automobile “deficiency”.

Actively coordinate the cooperation between Sinotruk and German Mann

In 2009, the marriage between Sinotruk and the world’s third-largest heavy-truck manufacturer, German MAN, in 2009, laid the foundation for Sinotruk to open a broad international market both at the capital level and at the technical and operational level. . According to the technology transfer contract signed by both parties, MAN Group will transfer TGA vehicle technology and key assembly and component technologies such as engines and axles to China National Heavy Duty Truck, and Sinotruk has obtained license technology for truck production and assembly in China. Exclusive rights, through both parties' world sales networks, have opened up new routes for the research and development of new products. In the cross-border handshake between the two heavy-duty truck companies, Franz Nüringer was once again entrusted with the task of serving as vice president of MAN Commercial Vehicles Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and acting as chief representative of Mann's representative office in China. He participated in the negotiation of the project and actively coordinated the cooperation between Sinotruk and German Mann.

When a reporter asked about the feelings of participating in the negotiation process, Franz Nüringer said: “On the one hand, as an outside investment environment, Jinan today has not only good infrastructure but also many opportunities. On the other hand, What is important is that through continuous innovation and development, China National Heavy Duty Truck has already had a strong international market potential. By leveraging the strengths of both parties, more products will go to the world stage. This is a matter for my work. Meaningful and worthwhile to do.”

Wholeheartedly Serves China National Heavy Duty Truck to Help It Move to the International Market

In 2010, Franz Nürringer, deputy general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Import and Export Corporation, took the first shot after taking office and aimed at establishing the sales and service network of Man Trucks.

Franz Nüringer trained on the Mann project, complemented the advantages of Sinothroat's "kin of love" service and Germany's Mann marketing concept, personally led the marketing team, strengthened long-term strategic cooperation with users, and cultivated in domestic and foreign markets. A group of loyal users, especially for key users, set up a corresponding maintenance system. In addition, the company will also sinicize its overseas management concepts and improve its policy research, marketing capabilities and service capabilities. It is precisely because of this that he has cultivated a marketing backbone team that dares to explore the market and is brave enough to explore. This has provided a guarantee for the integration of China National Heavy Duty Truck in the internationalization of brands, capital, management, talents, technology, and markets.

Eighteen years - contains valuable work experience, skilled business capabilities, and a heart of loyalty to the cause. Franz Nüringer used his dedication and professional witness to the magnificent transformation of Sinotruk high technology from scratch, from small to large, and from weak to strong. His active working attitude and steady work style not only won The respect of CNHTC has laid a solid foundation for HEC to go global.

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