Introduction to the application of polycarbonate on LED signal lights

The LED is a current-type component illuminating light source. The principle of illuminating is to add a forward voltage to both ends of the PN junction. Then, holes in the P region will flow to the N region, and electrons in the N region will flow to the P region. As the composite of minority carriers and majority carriers releases energy, some of the energy is converted to heat and the other part is converted to light.
According to experts from China Epoxy Resin Industry Association, polycarbonate is also used in it. The color of the LED light is determined by the substrate and the porous material. In addition to white light, it is basically pure monochromatic light and light color is easy to control, so it can be widely used in various traffic lights, hand-held signal lights, display screens, and the like. The traditional railway hand-held signal light uses an ordinary incandescent light bulb or an inflated incandescent light bulb as a light source to generate corresponding red, green, and yellow signals through red, green, and yellow polycarbonate filters. On the one hand, in the process of polycarbonate processing, it is difficult to accurately control the amount of added toner, resulting in impure color; on the other hand, polycarbonate will degrade yellow after long-term use, especially under sunlight. Affect the color that is displayed. Moreover, the life of incandescent bulbs is only ten hours, frequent replacements, and continuous working hours are not achieved. The required lamps are also heavy and inconvenient to carry for more than 10 hours.
At present, many manufacturers use red, and green and yellow LEDs as signal light sources. Some manufacturers use multiple, super bright white LEDs as white light sources, but white light can only be used as a signal because of low light power and low illumination. Use instead of working lighting.

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