PwC to cooperate with Great Wall Motor in technical cooperation

In August 2011, Purhua Basic Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Preh Software) formally signed a cooperation agreement with Great Wall Motors. Both parties will cooperate in the engine electronic control system. Puhua Software not only involves the early intervention of new projects and new requirements of Great Wall Motors, but also provides comprehensive and in-depth technical and service support for the development of new products of Great Wall Motors.

This time, the cooperation between Capesoft and Great Wall Motor will enhance the overall product design capability and R&D strength of the China R&D team, and it will also be of great significance for Cape Town to achieve the industrialization of domestic basic software.

As the country's "nuclear high base" major project 3-1 topics Automotive Electronics "real-time embedded operating system and development environment," the main commitment of research and development tasks, China's largest integrated basic software company - Cape China Software, as early as 2009 , together with the top R&D team of domestic automotive electronics, including Zhejiang University, East China Institute of Computing Technology, East China Normal University, and Hunan University, together with SAIC, FAW, Chery, and Lianchuang as the representatives of major auto manufacturers in China, and Component application vendors and other application implementation teams jointly provide support for the development and application of domestic automotive electronics basic software, providing one-stop application development and platform support services.

In April 2011, the China Automotive Electronics Fundamental Software Independent Alliance for R&D and Industrialization (ie, CASA Alliance) was newly established. Puhua Software teamed up with four domestic vehicle manufacturers to develop the latest platform for domestic electronic basic software v4.0, and gradually put it into trials. use. From v1.0 to v4.0, this product fills the gap of similar domestic products, and it is of strategic importance to break the technical limitations of foreign countries and meet the core application requirements in the automotive electronics field. It is of great strategic importance to the development of China's auto industry and related electronic control industries. .

Great Wall Motor Co., Ltd. is the largest private automobile manufacturer in China, and also the first domestic private auto company listed in Hong Kong and financing 1.7 billion Hong Kong dollars. The products cover the three categories of Haval SUV, Tengyi Sedan and Fengjun Pickup, and have engines. , transmissions and other core components of the independent supporting capabilities. In November 2010, the head of the Electronic Control Development Department of Great Wall Automotive Technology Research Institute visited Puhua Software for the first time to conduct preliminary communication on topics such as electronic control technology. After in-depth discussions and consultations between the two parties, they finally selected Puhua's domestically-innovated core software platform to strengthen Great Wall Motor's strength in engine electronic control technology.

Zhao Xiaoliang, general manager of China Puhua Basic Software Co., Ltd. stated that China’s annual software output value has exceeded the trillion mark, but the underlying software related to the underlying architecture is relatively scarce. This part of the output value is basically monopolized by foreign manufacturers. This not only endangers the lifeline of the country's economy, it is also a major hidden danger of national information security. Therefore, PwC has taken on the responsibility of the 'nuclear high base' project, and the ongoing R&D, upgrade, and application of domestic automotive electronics basic software platforms provide a stable and efficient platform for the development of domestic automotive electronics. On this basis, Puhua will further develop and provide various development verification tools to form a complete set of development system. Through this, it will explore the road to industrialization of a domestic automobile electronic basic software and strive to establish a standard for domestic automotive electronic software platforms. , strive for the greater right to speak in the international industry

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