Scania Hager's joint brand will be listed in China by the end of the year

Scania Haig Bus

A few days ago, Scania Global President Leif Aosterlin revealed that Scania is preparing to provide China with a complete set of more efficient and complete transportation solutions, and has communicated with Li Shenglin, Minister of Transport of China. In addition, Scania is also planning to work more closely with the Chinese bus manufacturer Suzhou Jinlong, and will launch the Scania China bus strategy around the end of this year.

It is understood that as another crystallization of Scania Hager's co-branding, “leadership” was mass-offlined in April this year. Production processes, quality control systems and all other aspects were performed according to the standards agreed by both parties. According to the deployment of the two companies, this vehicle is sold in Europe; and the three other vehicles launched earlier, the Scania Hager A80, A50, and A30, each target different markets and customers. According to Wu Gang, Business Department Manager of Suzhou Jinlong Hager Luxury Vehicles Division, “The A50 is only sold in Hong Kong; the A30 is targeted at urban passenger and travel vehicles, and the A80 is aimed at the inter-city high-speed passenger and travel markets. The 'master' is on the A80 platform. A more upscale model derived from the above.”

In fact, Scania Hager's first high-end passenger car A80 went offline in 2006, and in 2009, Scania and Hagrid focused more on both sides' engagement and Product planning and quality improvement. During the period, Scania dispatched a large number of managers and skilled workers to conduct on-site instruction in terms of technology, standards, quality, and practical operations. Hager also mobilized the company's elite forces to seamlessly integrate with them.

At the same time, Scania and Suzhou Jinlong created a new model of global bus cooperation. Prior to this, Scania owned a wholly-owned company, Poland's OMNI factory, and formed a close partnership with another Spanish company, Ilise. With the expansion of Scania's strategic plan in China, Hager has become a more reliant Chinese partner for Scania.

This year marks the 120th anniversary of the birth of Scania and marks the 100th anniversary of Scania's first passenger car production. At present, the Scaniah trucks produced by Scania in cooperation with Suzhou Jinlong in China will reach 350 vehicles this year. However, Scania has not yet started the sales of passenger cars in China. At present, Scania considers the form in which it will sell the passenger car in China.

For trucks, Scania currently sells the main tractors in China for the P, G, R series and Scania's new R-series, among which the 4X2, 6X2, and 6X4 models that match the 380 to 470-horsepower engines are the most affected. The favor of Chinese customers is mainly used for long-distance highway logistics transportation and short-distance cargo distribution. In addition, Scania fire engines, municipal vehicles and construction vehicles have begun to serve the Chinese market.

It is reported that after becoming a subsidiary of Volkswagen in 2008, Scania has started to conduct financing services in China through Volkswagen Finance to help Chinese customers solve financing problems.

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