Spraying pulverized coal

Coal powder instead of part of the expensive and limited resources of important technical metallurgical coke refining iron blast furnace contemporary. After charging the coal tank, the pulverized coal is discharged from the funnel below it by the internal force of the tank, and the amount of coal can be adjusted by the pressure in the tank. Below the pulverized coal, there is a mixer underneath each of the funnels. Compressed air is ejected from the nozzles in the mixer, and the pulverized coal is carried away and blown into the blast furnace hearth from a lance that is inserted into the direct draft of the tuyere. After the coal powder is injected, it is burned in front of the tuyere. It adjusts the furnace temperature and is easy to operate. The injection method can be divided into two types: atmospheric pressure injection and high pressure spray. The coals injected mainly include anthracite and bituminous coal.

Asphalt Crack Sealing Machine adopts Italy diesel burner, mainly used for irregular cracks of asphalt pavement,concrete pavement, bridge expansion joints, sewer, gas pipe buried and paving road links waterproof processing.

Road Crack Sealing Machine features:

-          Use famous brand generator, high performance;

-          Large asphalt tank;

-          Use famous diesel burner to melt material;

-          Thermostatic control;

-          The material out speed is adjustable.

Road Crack Sealing Machine

Road Crack Sealing Machine

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