Comparison of Model Parameters of Yuntai Fire Truck

According to different functions, ladder ladder fire trucks are divided into foam fire engines, high-ejection fire engines, ladder fire engines, gas fire engines, water fire engines, chemical accident rescue fire engines, back-up fire engines, equipment fire engines, and dry powder - carbon dioxide (water, foam) fire engines, rescue fire engines, smoke fire engines, lighting fire engines, airport fire engines, forest rescue vehicles, fire hoses, water tankers, pump fire engines, and platform fires Vehicles, self-loading fire trucks, fire trucks for investigation, and fire trucks for communications. Yunti fire trucks are special vehicles used to carry out fire rescue missions, and most countries including China will also use them for other emergency rescue incidents.


The following describes several ladder fire trucks. The main technical parameters of the Golden Monkey SXT5330JXFYT30 ladder fire truck are as follows: Overall dimensions: 13535×2500×3750 (mm), Total mass: 32980 (Kg), Curb weight: 30290 (Kg), Front suspension/rear suspension: 2055/3325 (mm), wheelbase: 5000+1400, 5400+1400 (mm), chassis model: ZZ5347TXFV5447E6. The main technical parameters of the Dongfeng 1108 ladder ladder fire truck are as follows: Chassis: Dongfeng EQ11086D15 truck, engine model: EQB160--10, total mass: 10400kg, external dimensions: 8770×2400×3310 (mm), this paragraph ladder fire Characteristics of the car: The ladder truck is small in size and is most suitable for driving on narrow streets. The length of the car body is shortened by 3 meters compared with that of a crank car of the same height, and the height of the car body is reduced by 0.4 meters compared with a crank car of the same height. The ladders are flexible and require little space. As long as the ladder truck can enter, the ladder truck can be used. The speed of the ladder truck is large, which is 6 meters more than that of an arm of the same height. 43JXFJP16W type ladder ladder fire truck, chassis type: ZZ1256M4646C, number of axles 3, wheelbase 4325+1350, 4600+1350 mm, overall dimensions: 9835×2490×3900mm, total mass: 24300 kg, curb weight: 16300kg, this truck body The total volume is 7.62 cubic meters, the volume of the water tank: 5.85 cubic meters, the tank size: 3020*2260*880mm, the foam tank volume 1.77 cubic meters, the foam tank size: 980*2260*800mm, adopt WD615.93(WD615.92 ) type engine, reach: 280mm. Side Rear Protection Description: Integral structure, body parts instead of guards, side guards do not increase the overall width of the vehicle, the side edge of the side guard is 534mm from the ground, and side guards are symmetrical. The rear protection is 534mm above the ground.


The prices of ladder ladder fire trucks range from a few million to hundreds of thousands, depending on the design of the car body, the height of the ladder, and the configuration and size of the tank. With the increasing number of high-rise buildings in China, the utilization rate of Yunti fire trucks is also getting higher and higher. The corresponding brands and manufacturers are naturally quite a few. We should consult more information, consult and shop around before buying. Make a conclusion.

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