Will you properly "bath" the three-wheel suction truck?

Three-wheel suction trucks are indispensable for the most important vehicles in sanitation cleaning work, and they are also one of the more widely used vehicles. After three-wheel suction trucks are required to perform daily maintenance work, they are Cleaning is also very important. How to clean the three-wheel suction truck and how a cleaning process is needed may not be noticed by most drivers. In fact, the cleaning of vehicles is also part of the maintenance process.

1. The washing liquid of the three-wheel suction truck should be used to select a neutral professional vehicle washing liquid, because the car washing liquid containing relatively high alkaline strength will cause the deterioration of the vehicle tires and the paint surface.

2. It is essential to clean the car wash towels for the three-wheel suction trucks. In general, when the towels are used to scrub the car body, it is relatively easy to leave many fuzz on the car surface. The use of towels that specifically wash three rounds of suction trucks will minimize the damage to the vehicle body. Therefore, it is necessary not only to distinguish between the choice of cleaning vehicles and the towels that wipe the vehicles, but also to select the appropriate towels.

3. Do you not know whether the friends of your pilots have noticed that when you search for weather forecasts on the Internet, generally there are some items that describe in detail whether it is appropriate today, such as whether the weather today can clean the vehicles. Because in some windy sand conditions, there will be sand or soil particles in the air. If you choose to wash at this time, it is estimated that you will clean the three-wheel suction truck and it will be repaved. A layer of dirt. Therefore, you should select a three-wheel suction truck with good weather conditions. Try to choose a sunny weather without wind, and when cleaning, be sure to pay attention to some dead spots that are not noticed at ordinary times. When wiping, be sure to carefully, and some of the three-wheel suction trucks are more likely to rust. Must do a good job of anti-rust treatment.

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