Pesticide residue detector will be able to produce results on the spot

In the past, the problem of pesticide abuse not only caused serious problems of soil and water pollution, but also caused agricultural pesticide residues exceeding the standards. The general public is deeply affected by it. Therefore, the modern people’s lifestyle is undergoing a change and is no longer pursuing fresh. The appearance of bright agricultural products, but instead pay attention to appearance, but pesticide residues are not seen by people, so ordinary people are difficult to distinguish, in the past also need to rely on full-time inspection personnel to monitor in the laboratory, and now Pesticide residue detectors can be tested even if they are not professional inspectors, and results can be obtained on site.

Pesticide residue detector

In general, farmers' agricultural markets, catering companies, fruit and vegetable production bases, agricultural and sideline product distribution centers, dining halls, supermarkets, etc. are places where agricultural products are concentrated. In particular, these places need to strengthen the detection of pesticide residues, but in the past due to the complex detection methods, instruments The equipment is expensive. Not only is on-site inspection difficult to achieve, but also many areas do not have such conditions to conduct inspections. As a result, agricultural products with excessive pesticide residues have flowed into these places and endanger people's health. Now with the development of science and technology and society The voice of safety has become increasingly strong, and pesticide residue detectors have begun to be applied to field pesticide residues testing. Pesticide residue detector is simple to operate, the time required for testing is short, the price is not expensive, especially for on-site testing, and the results can be quickly obtained. These are in line with the agricultural trade agricultural market, catering companies, fruit and vegetable production base, agricultural and sideline products distribution The need for rapid testing in centres, dining halls, supermarkets and other places ensures the safety of the people's tongue.
Pesticide Residue Tester can produce results in the field. This also has the advantage that conventional inspections cannot match in the past. It is conducive to realize the whole process of sampling inspection and is transparent and open. According to the real-time detection results, it can avoid artificial intervention fraud, and can truly reflect agricultural products. Whether the pesticide residue exceeds the standard, for the unqualified agricultural products, the samples will be stored, removed and destroyed in the first time, so as to avoid further harming the health of consumers and affecting social stability.

Check Valve installed in the pipeline system, its main role is to prevent the media back, check valve is a pressure on the media to open and close the automatic valve.

Through the selection of different materials, can be applied to water, steam, oil, nitric acid, acetic acid, strong oxidizing medium and uric acid and other media.

Check Valve

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