Communication cable model specifications and technical standards

1. Overview Communication cables are cables used for near-distance audio communication and long-distance high-frequency carrier and digital communication and signal transmission. They are one of China's five major cable products. According to the purpose and scope of use of communication cables, they can be divided into six series of products, namely, domestic communication cables (including paper-insulated municipal communication cables, polyolefin-insulated polyolefin sheathed local communication cables), and long-distance symmetrical communication cables (including Paper-insulated high- and low-frequency long-distance symmetrical cables, copper-core foam polyethylene high- and low-frequency long-distance symmetric cables, and digital transmission long-distance symmetrical cables), coaxial cables (including small coaxial cables, medium coaxial, and small coaxial cables), and submarine cables (may Symmetrical submarine and coaxial submarine cables), fiber optic cables (including conventional cable, ribbon array, and skeleton types), and RF cables (including symmetric and coaxial RF).

Communication cable production plants are distributed throughout the country. At present, in addition to the production of long-distance telecommunications cables and local telephone cables in China, the development of fiber optic cables and polyolefin sheathing in the entire city has also made considerable progress. Many domestic manufacturers and research institutes have introduced technology and equipment from abroad. produce. Every year, a small number of polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed plastic local communication cables are sold to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

2. Models and specifications Communication cables are mainly used for close-range audio communication and long-distance high-frequency carrier and digital communication. Its types, models and specifications are numerous. There are mainly polyolefin insulated polyolefin sheathed local telecommunication cables. The conductor diameter is 0.32mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.60mm and 0.80mm according to the standard. The product model and specifications are HYA, HYAT, HYAC, HYAGC. The production range can be different depending on the diameter of the conductor. The total processing range is 10-3000 pairs.

There are HEYFL23, HEYFQ23, and HEYFQ41 models for long-distance symmetrical cables. The representative specifications are 3 groups, 4 groups, 7 groups, 14 groups, and 19 groups.

3. Although there are certain differences in the manufacturing process for manufacturing cables with different manufacturing methods and specifications, their general processing methods have commonalities. In order to ensure the structural dimension of the cable is stable and have good electrical properties, the production order of the cable is taken from inside to outside according to its structure. The entire manufacturing process is divided into manufacturing of insulated wire cores, twisting of wire groups, manufacture of coaxial pairs, cabling processes, drying of cores, manufacture of cable sheaths and outer sheaths.

The electrical specifications of communication cables are numerous and high. General metal cables have wire resistance, insulation resistance, working capacitance, dielectric strength, and capacitance unbalance. For long distance and coaxial cable, in addition to the above requirements, there are special requirements such as end impedance, impedance non-uniformity, attenuation constant, crosstalk and so on.

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