What is the role of sprinkler music?

Have you noticed the familiar melody of the sprinkler music played in front of you? Do you also accidentally get brainwashed by these music? Actually, sprinkler play music has its specific role! Because the city sprinkling is usually performed during the day, this will cause some inconvenience to pedestrians and vehicles, so to remind everyone through the music to allow pedestrians and vehicles to avoid in time. So what are the effects of sprinkler music ? Take a look at the specific analysis.


First, it serves as a reminder to pedestrians and vehicles so that everyone can avoid them in time so as to avoid inconvenience. Regardless of whether the water in the sprinkler is clean, in fact, it is not desirable for pedestrians to sprinkle the water on themselves. However, everyone hopes that the water can be spilled on the road, which is beneficial to the purification of urban air and the health of the road surface. . Therefore, in order to achieve the smooth progress of the sprinkling operation, pedestrians can be evaded in a timely manner and reminded by music. This will achieve better results.

Second, generally choose cheerful music to reduce the impact on people. The familiar music on the sprinkler is generally more cheerful and clear music. This genre is easier for people to accept. Compared to those high-pitched or sad songs, these cheerful songs represent a well-intentioned reminder for everyone to listen to. When I feel better, I will take the initiative to avoid it.

Third, playing music during the watering process is a soft tip that makes people more comfortable. Listening to cheerful music will always give people a good feeling. These songs will bring good feelings to the people. If the water is spilled on them, they will not be angry. These songs play a role in buffering emotions and soothing.

Fourth, the sprinkler music will generally choose familiar songs such as “Good Jasmine” and other popular tracks, and it will generally be broadcast. As long as the music rings, everyone will know that there is a sprinkler passing by. The familiar repertoire will make people form a kind of conditional reflex. Once they hear the song, they will know that there is a sprinkler going through and a sprinkler operation. Everyone will avoid it in advance to prevent the water from spilling on their own.

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