How long can you use car tires, do you know this?

Tyres are one of the most important components of a car. They can make the car go faster and further. Therefore, the quality of the tires and how long the tires can be used are crucial. In fact, the life of the tires is affected by many factors, such as climate, roads, Driving style, installation, maintenance and more.

China's national standards stipulate that the radial tyre tread wear limit for passenger vehicles is 1.6 mm, and tire manufacturers must oblige tire wearers to set the wear indicators according to the standards. When the tread wears to the above limit, the wear indicator should be displayed to remind the driver to replace the tire in time. According to normal use, ordinary tires use mileage of about 5-10 million kilometers. However, it must be noted that the valid period of the tire is 5 years after leaving the factory. Since the rubber has an aging period, even if the mileage does not reach 100,000 kilometers, it is better to replace the tire after reaching the factory for 5 years.


In spite of this, in real life, the phenomenon of using tires for more than one year is more common. A considerable number of people have used car tires for more than 5 years, some of them for up to 10 years. The reasons for this are many reasons. On the one hand, the current lack of authoritative guidelines on the age of tires. At present, there is no official authority for the use of tires. At present, tire companies generally recommend the use of life of 3-5 years, in the service life of the replacement according to "wear". As cars increasingly play the role of family cars, most vehicles travel around 10,000 kilometers per year, and the current urban road conditions are good. After five years of use on most vehicle tires, the tread wear has not yet reached. At the limit, the wear indicator does not show a reminder to replace the tire.

In fact, the use of tires in excess of the year has a relatively large potential safety hazard. There are two major problems: air leakage and tire blasting. The process of air leakage is generally slow, causing little harm to accidents or even causing casualties. The consequences of accidents caused by a tire blast will generally be severe. In particular, high-speed tire blasts will be very lethal, and they will even destroy cars. If there is no safety hazard and tire pressure is stable, the tire will have a very low risk of tire explosion.

Therefore, the tire replacement cycle is 5 years. Look at the degree of wear first, then look at the age limit. If it is worn out, it needs to be replaced even if it is used only for one year. However, tire wear is not obvious, and tires that have been in service for more than five years must also be replaced.

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